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New animation this Friday!

2017-12-11 18:57:32 by cecameron

Somewhere Other: Made a Fool will be posted Friday night! Stay tuned!


A question

2017-04-24 20:39:47 by cecameron

Would it be bad form for me to post my other webcomic to a separate account here? I have a different project that's for adult readers, and I would want to keep it separate from my general content.



A big thanks

2017-04-19 15:18:51 by cecameron

Just a big thank you to hellp to everyone out there for the kind messages and support - it means so, so much to me.

Somewhere Other: Snooze

2017-04-04 11:20:24 by cecameron

A new animated update coming next Monday, April 10th! I look forward to sharing it with you!

Somewhere Other will be having a whole week of updates, starting tomorrow! Seeing as there’s only seven pages left of chapter 6, it makes sense to start the new year fresh with Arc 7. I’m looking forward to it!


Also, thank you all for your support and kind messages this year. Here's to a good 2017!

A new animation, coming this December!5181930_148046627781_bbbb.gif

Somewhere other QnA Updates

2016-10-26 16:37:07 by cecameron

I'll be doing a QnA update for the next three days on www.somewhereother.com. The first post can be found here! http://somewhereother.com/post/152349287348/the-first-round-of-questions-hopefully-you-got

The final 7 will go up tomorrow!

Arc 6 Preview + ANNOUNCEMENT

2016-10-23 10:53:21 by cecameron


Here we go, Arc 6 starts tomorrow! I’ve been excited for this one for a long while.

AND, seeing as tomorrow is my birthday, I’ve got a big BIRTHDAY SPECIAL update: ALL of chapter 12 will be uploaded tomorrow!

Pages will be uploaded throughout the day, starting at 7PM. Can’t wait to get it started!

Chugging Along!

2016-09-05 19:04:29 by cecameron

Comics are progressing... maybe a new project on the horizon... A very different update coming in October 8)